Prophetbot is one of the first characters Niko meets on their journey. Their appearance consists of a light grey body wearing a long white robe. Their head is cubic - sporting a single, large camera for an eye, along with two red antennae, one on each side of their head.

At the start of the adventure, Niko speaks to Prophetbot, asking them numerous questions about the world, the light bulb, and about their quest. Prophetbot explains that the world is decaying, and that Niko must return the sun to the tower to save the world.


  • Prophetbot's eye contains a ring of blue phosphor, as shown in a diagram from one of The Author's books.
  • Despite their name, Prophetbot is not the original prophet. The original is deceased; Prophetbot was merely programmed to relay information to the Messiah.
  • Prophetbot was only programmed to speak to the Messiah. Due to this, they are unable to talk to anyone else, at least not with ease.

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