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The Refuge is a city that occupies the majority of the innermost ring of the World. Due to the steady deterioration of the world, several paths have been blocked off and others completely gone.


The Refuge consists of two parts, one in the sky and the other one on the ground, they are connected by elevators. In a normal run, Niko's objective in the first part is to help the Lamplighter fix the elevator to the ground, and in the second part to enter The Tower after finding out more information about it in The Library.



The sky is the first part Niko must go through, it is the higher part of The Refuge, and upon getting here, Niko will be greeted by a robot, who upon getting closer, will tell The Player they cannot pass further than him, unless they are holding a seed, in which case the robot grants them access to the garden.

City gate

Elevator deck

When Niko arrives here, they will meet the Lamplighter who will tell them that the elevator isn't working because the button that displays "GROUND" is missing.


This location has many separate rooms as well as a hallway. The first room contains a robot that will scan Niko, and upon finding no suspicious activity, set their threat level to low but will warn Niko that they are monitoring them.

Sad girl room

The second room contains a sad young lady upon interacting with her, a long line of dots will appear in the text box, Niko will respond with dots, and after a while, Niko will say "okay".

The third room contains another robot and a young girl. Upon interacting with the robot, they will ask Niko if they want to play a game. Niko will ask the robot if they know Rock-Paper-Scissors and the robot will respond with a series of settings, so Niko changes their mind about playing the game. Upon speaking to the girl, she will iterate that her parents are never home and that she doesn't mind that, as she has the robot to keep her company. She explains that she's working on making it act more like a human and that she might even be able to tame it someday. As they heard the word "tame" many times throughout their journey, Niko asks the girl what does the word mean, but she doesn't know either.

The fourth room contains a ram, and a person from the Glen. Upon speaking with the person from the Glen, they will say that they just moved in, and that things are very different then from the Glen, which they are missing.

Niko roomba2

The fifth room contains a roomba, and upon interacting with it, the player can tell Niko to ride it, as well as tell them to leave it alone. Once Niko exits the room, the roomba will stay inside the room.

Room number 6

The sixth room contains many different types of plants, as well as a citizen with a potted plant on his head. Here, dirt can be obtained to help the seed grow in the garden.

Big room

South from the left-most apartments, a large room with some books, a small coffee machine, fridges and a person with a TV on their head can be found. One of the fridges will contain magnets on them which will be used in assembling the "GROUND" button.


The cafe consists of a dark gray and white floor tiles, many chairs, a coffee machine and Ling. Going here when Niko is hungry and talking with Ling will give Niko pancakes, and unlock the "Pancakes" achievement. A metal can used for assembling the "GROUND" button is also obtainable here.



Observation deck

Here, Niko can observe a large portion of Refuge, as well as pink water reflecting it.

Niko looking at the city's buildings

Niko looking at the city's buildings


The ground is the second area Niko must go through in Refuge. They arrive here after fixing the elevator. Their object is to reach the Tower after informing themselves about it in the Library.

Elevator street

Vendor street

Back alley

The back alley contains a hallway with a large number of trash cans. Kelvin and Rue can be found here.




  • The Refuge's phosphor color is red.