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Silver is the head engineer of the Barrens robot team, and one of the main supporting characters in OneShot. She is a tall robot with a thin build, red hair and a purple robe.

Silver is an important character in Niko's journey, as she provides them with information on how to get out of the Barrens, as well as giving them the amber necklace required to activate the Tower. However, she does not show enthusiasm about the Sun, as she believes that restoring the sun to the tower will not save the world from its decay and destruction.

According to Kip, Silver was an effort to make a Tamed robot using the former as the template for her design. However, due to complications and contradictions in the code, Silver became unstable and went rogue (assumed to mean disobeying the three laws of robotics). This lead to an incident which made her damage something (or hurt someone) severely. Due to this, after the Author managed to stabilize her, she was transferred to the Barrens to replace the head engineer there. News of the incident managed to reach far as a note from one of the previous workers in the Barrens complains about Silver being the replacement of their head engineer. Kip laments that Silver probably eventually became aware of her abandonment and therefore stopped responding to any attempt of keeping contact. Since then she has stayed in the lookout point in the Barrens.


  • Silver is the only tamed robot in the Barrens, allowing her to perform tasks and decisions not specified by her programming.
  • During a cutscene in the Barrens, Silver displays that she can play chess, and plays a match against Niko. She points out that she is the only robot in the Barrens that can play chess, as the others do not have it included in their programming.
  • While Niko is in the factory in the Refuge, they point out that Kip bears a resemblance to Silver, and wonders if the two are related in any way. Kip tells Niko the truth when talked to while holding the amber.